Operational Segments and Services Offered

Brasil Brokers is one of the largest and most complete real estate brokerage and consulting firm for developers and final consumers, at a range of economic levels, as well as being one of the main mortgage development agencies in the country.

The main services provided are related to real estate sales, real estate feasibility studies for new projects, marketing consulting and planning for real estate developments, legal advisory services, real estate financing advisory services and lease management.

Real Estate Developments

Characterized by developer/client relationship, Real Estate launches are developments put up for sale by a particular company that pays for the construction of the property (apartments, houses, rooms and offices) in a condominium system and sells them in installments even before they are ready, committing to a contract for their scheduled delivery and some specific conditions. With operations in all stages of the real estate brokerage process, Brasil Brokers is then hired to conduct the sale of the properties launched by developers to the end customers and may receive the commission directly from the developer or the end customer.

Our work begins with the identification of trends in the real estate market in each location where we operate. To do this, we hold regular meetings with our developers, in order to discuss the evolution of the real estate market and, in particular, the trends, in order to identify good business opportunities. We also conduct research through our database and with potential buyers, in order to detect specific regional real estate demands in the regions where we operate.

In the design and planning phase of the development, we advise our developers on the design and planning of the developments, so that they can respond to the specific new consumer trends in each regional market.

The marketing strategy stage for sales begins with the Endomarketing phase, during which we hold meetings with our developers and marketing companies. In these meetings we present recent successful case studies, information about competing developments and our opinion in relation to the product and the sales strategy.

From this stage, we coordinate, together with our developers, the advertising campaign proposed by the advertising agency, helping to define the appropriate channels in the media for each product, as well as in the preparation of the promotional materials for the sales, such as flyers, posters, hotsites, visual programming of sales outlets, print ads or televised ads, and representative illustrations of the completed property, among others.

After preparing the marketing campaign, we hold lectures and conventions through our independent brokers to present new products in order for our developers to have an opportunity to form their first impressions of the products and the advertising campaigns. At these meetings, our developers can use incentive tools to motivate independent brokers in relation to their developments.

Subsequently, the sales process begins with the use, by means of independent brokers, of the database to identify potential buyers. The advertising materials for the development are forwarded to these buyers and we subsequently make contact in person, over the phone or via email to enhance the product offering and win over those interested in buying the property. We use spoken, written and televised media to attract unregistered customers. Oftentimes, we will hold a launch event for sales of the development that is widely publicized and aimed at concentrating all of the potential buyers at the same location on the same day.

We also guide our buyers on the regularization of all of the documentation needed to implement and formalize the property sales.

Finally, after the formal sale, we offer our buyers a customer service channel to resolve any potential issues that arise after the sale and to provide advisory services for any contract renegotiations. We also seek to ensure the satisfaction of our buyers through this channel and ensure their loyalty for new purchases and sales.

Remaining Properties

Remaining units or inventory are properties that are still for sale after 180 days from the official date of launch of the development.

In general, the marketing efforts for the launch of new developments are concentrated during a period of approximately six months following the launch, which could happen during or even before work has begun. During this period the developers use most of the funds on advertising campaigns and materials to promote the sales, such as flyers, posters, hotsites, visual programming of sales outlets, print ads or televised ads, among others.

It is common to hold major events that include models of the apartments decorated by renowned architects and decorators, as well as models and other sales materials offering buyers the resources needed to make their decision. On these occasions, in some cases it is also possible to carry out the definitive purchase of the property given that many of these events also have a notary present.

One of the biggest challenges for developers is to sell the properties remaining after the launch period, when the advertising is no longer being carried out.

In this sense, Brasil Brokers’ partnership with our developers becomes essential. We have one of Brazil’s biggest and best operations for remaining properties, with a dedicated department and commercial structure that specializes in the sale of remaining properties, aimed at identifying good business opportunities. We conduct extensive research through our database and with customers, both inside and outside of our loyalty program, to identify potential buyers, while also adopting incentive policies for our sales forces in order to increase the results from these units.

Used and Finished Properties

The sale of a used or ready to be occupied property is characterized by the seller- client/buyer-client relationship, where the real estate, as commercial intermediary, earns a commission which is paid to the property owner.

Despite its great potential, the resale of Finished Properties is highly fragmented and informal, with little professionalization.

While it is not common practice in this market, we seek to obtain exclusivity in the provision of our services to the seller, because we believe that this mechanism ensures greater security in the receipt of our compensation in cases where a real estate transaction takes place, while also providing greater dedication and commitment on the part of the professionals involved in the business.

We guide our sellers and buyers to adhere to all of the legal formalities applicable to the registration of a transfer of property ownership, including registering the correct value of the transfer. In this sense, we require all of the independent brokers who work with us to sign a commitment to observe the Code of Ethics of the Profession.

Real Estate Financing

Our platform of sale and distribution of financial services has been growing continuously. The financial volume of real estate credit agreements originated in our partnership with Bradesco more than doubled in the 1Q17 comparison (up 270%); boosted not only by the increase in the volume of real estate financing in the market, but chiefly due to our better performance in the segment.