With regard to the decision taken at the Extraordinary General Meeting held on April 29, 2008, approving the Company‘s acquisition of the entire share capital of the companies JAIRO ROCHA EMPREENDIMENTOS E NEGÓCIOS IMOBILIÁRIOS S.A., JGM CONSULTORIA IMOBILIÁRIA S.A., MARCOS KOENIGKAN CONSULTORIA IMOBILIÁRIA S.A., FREMA CONSULTORIA DE IMÓVEIS LTDA., REDENTORA CONSULTORIA IMOBILIÁRIA S.A. and POINTER IMÓVEIS S.A., we hereby inform that the Company’s dissenting shareholders, who were registered as the Company’s shareholders as of March 12, 2008, shall have the withdrawal rights at the price of R$ 180.19 (one hundred eighty reais and nineteen centavos) per share, according to their respective shareholdings on each of the dates in which the “Material Facts” relating to these acquisitions were published by the Company, namely, 01/25/2008, 02/28/2008, 03/05/2008, 03/06/2008, and 03/12/2008.

Rio de Janeiro, April 29, 2008.
Álvaro Soares
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer
(21) 3433-9550

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