Brasil Brokers Participações S.A. (“Brasil Brokers” or the “Company”), a publicly-held company with common shares traded on the Novo Mercado of Bovespa under code BBRK3, pursuant to provisions set forth in CVM Rule 358/2002, informs its shareholders and the general market that the Company, in accordance to its geographic expansion strategy through the acquisition of interest in real estate brokerage companies, has entered into an Agreement to Purchase an Ownership Interest in the capital stock of Global Consultoria Imobiliária S.A. (“Global Imobiliária”), which operates in Amazonas and it is starting operations in Rondônia, Roraima and Acre.

Global Imobiliária

The estimated value of the acquisition, in the base scenario, is R$45.0 million, corresponding to seven and a half times (7.5) the audit net profit recorded in the next 12 months. Payment will be made in three installments, a down payment of R$15.0 million in currency. The others installments will be paid in June 2009 and June 2010, so that the final amount paid for the company reaches the proportion of 60% currency and 40% by transfer of the Company’s treasury shares.

The acquisition of the operations in the other 3 states (Acre, Roraima e Rondônia) will be concluded in the next 90 days, following the same conditions as mentioned above, but the payment will be done in 2 installments, the first one to be paid in 12 months and the second one in 24 months, after the acquisition.

The shares used in the acquisition of Global Imobiliária shall be subject to the same trading restrictions (“lock-up”) set forth in the Company’s shareholders agreement.

The directors of the Company will convene an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting to ratify the acquisition of the shares of Global Imobiliária. Any shareholder that dissent from acquisition will have the right to withdraw from the Company. For the purpose of reimbursing the shares, the price will be based on the balance sheet as of December 31, 2007. The right to withdraw will entitle only to those shareholders who held Company’s shares at the close of the trading session on May 05, 2008, the release date of this Material Fact. Shareholders may claim the refund of the value of their shares within 30 (thirty) days after the publication of the resolution of the Meeting approving the acquisitions by addressing written correspondence to the Company for that purpose.

The Company will keep its shareholders and the market informed about further events and additional details related to this transaction through the, Bovespa, CVM and its Web site (

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