Material Fact

Brasil Brokers Participações S.A. (“Brasil Brokers” or “Company”), a publicly held company with common shares traded on the Novo Mercado segment of the São Paulo Stock Exchange (Bovespa) under the ticker BBRK3, hereby announces that the Extraordinary General Meeting held in a second call notice on August 6, 2008 approved the stock split by which each share will now be represented by 100 shares. The approval resulted in the amendment of Article 5 of the Company’s Bylaws to reflect the new number of shares into which the Company’s capital stock is divided, increasing from 1,639,732 (one million, six hundred and thirty-nine thousand, seven hundred and thirtytwo) to 163,973,200 (one hundred and sixty-three million, nine hundred and seventythree thousand and two hundred) shares. The shares issued as a result of the stock split will bear the same rights as other shares in circulation issued by the Company, including any dividends and/or interest on equity that may be declared by the Company.

In addition, the Company informs that as of August 7, 2008, its shares will trade ex split (with the round lot remaining at 100 (one hundred) shares) and opening of trading on the odd-lot market of the Bovespa.

Shareholders registered as such on August 6, 2008, will be entitled to receive the stock split, and the credit from the shares resulting from the split will be available as of August 12, 2008.

Rio de Janeiro, August 6, 2008.

Álvaro Soares
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer

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