Brasil Brokers Participações S.A. (“Company”), a publicly-held company with common shares traded at BOVESPA’s Novo Mercado under ticker BBRK3, announces to its shareholders that, according to resolutions taken at the Board of Directors Meeting of Brasil Brokers S/A (“Company”) held on October 1, 2008 (“RCA”), the board members approved the capital stock increase upon private issue, within the limit of the authorized capital, as follows.

The attached Notice to the Market specifies the following terms:

  • Company‘s Capital Stock Increase;
  • Justification and Issue Price;
  • Amount and Type of Shares Issued;
  • Justification and Issue;
  • Right of First Refusal;
  • Proportion in the Exercise of the Right of First Refusal;
  • Ex-Right Trading;
  • Share Subscription and Trading of Share Subscription List;
  • Term to Exercise the Right of First Refusal;
  • Means of Payment;
  • Procedure to Subscribe Remaining Shares;
  • Rights Attributed to Common Shares Issued by the Company;
  • Dividends;
  • Documents Necessary to Subscribe Shares and Assign Subscription Rights;
  • Shareholder Service Location to Exercise the Right of First Refusal;
  • Credit of Shares.

To access the full Notice to the Market, click here.