Brasil Brokers Participações S.A. (“Br Brokers” or “Company”), a corporation with common shares listed on the Novo Mercado segment of the Bovespa under the ticker BBRK3, informs its shareholders and the market in general that the period for the exercise of preemptive rights to the private subscription of 4,232,142 (four million, two hundred thirty-two thousand, one hundred forty-two) common shares of the Company expired on November 3, 2008. These shares were issued in the scope of the capital increase within the limits of authorized capital established by the Board of Directors‘ Meeting of October 1, 2008.

Said capital increase was entirely subscribed as follows: 4,231,878 (four million, two hundred thirty-one thousand, eight hundred seventy-eight) shares by Abyara Planejamento Imobiliário S.A. and 264 (two hundred sixty-four) shares by other shareholders.

As a result, the Company announces there are no excess shares to be acquired due to the abovementioned subscription.

Rio de Janeiro, November 4, 2008.

Álvaro Soares
Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer

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