Corporate Profile

Brasil Brokers was created in 2007 to be the largest and best real estate brokerage group in Brazil. The Company’s shares are traded on the stock exchange B3, under the ticker BBRK3.

At that time, amid a traditional and analog market, we acquired 16 real estate brokerage companies with decades of history.

In the years that followed, we became a leading company in primary sales, gaining expertise and building strong relationships with our partners and clients.

In that ever-changing world, we would need to be more than just a real estate industry benchmark. We would need to create new revenue sources and hold dialogues with end consumers.

As a result, in 2017, we expanded beyond the primary market, creating new companies to engage in the segments of real estate financing, sale and purchase of finished properties and leasing.

Thus, from a holding company with businesses across Brazil, we turned into a real estate platform with brands designed to serve specific markets.

Today, more than ever, we know that consumers can autonomously choose from a range of options offered by the real estate market. For this reason, giving access to and facilitating real estate transactions are no longer enough.
The future of real estate brokerage lies within experience.

A personalized customer experience combining human touch and digital service needs to be present throughout the journey to create effective solutions.

We have become the first real estate curation platform in Brazil, providing the best real estate journey experience from beginning to end.

We designed the right place for those on the real estate journey, i.e. those willing to invest, manage, innovate, sale, buy and rent.

Last update: September 9, 2021