Our Brands


We recognize the importance of buying a property, so being present at all stages of the acquisition process is fundamental.

Thus, in 2017, we founded Credimorar to provide clients with a fast and efficient real estate financing experience. We offer clients a personalized service at this important stage of their journey. We also provide training courses and consulting services for our more than 2,200 partners across Brazil.

We are growing rapidly with this philosophy of simplifying our clients’ lives. We grew exponentially over a four-year period, which led us to become the leader in multi-bank credit intermediation in Brazil, generating over R$7 billion in this period.

Becoming the leader in the credit segment is not our only ambition. We are a financial technology company focused on the real estate market.

We developed new product lines, such as home equity (credit with real estate as collateral) and prepurchase financing pools so that our clients have a wide range of credit options in Brazil.


Founded in 1986, at the heart of the south side of the city of São Paulo, Bamberg Imóveis Únicos is a successful case showing how tradition and modernity can walk side by side.

Throughout its more than 35 years of history, this real estate brokerage company consolidated itself in the south side of the city of São Paulo, a region mainly recognized for its high-end properties.

The secret of Bamberg’s success is not only in its strong brand – which, in 2019, was redesigned to reflect a new reality – but also in its competent sales force and market expertise, taking the clients’ real estate journey to the next level through real estate curation. Additionally, Bamberg’s seasoned professionals allows it to advise clients on the adequacy of prices, average transaction time, business characteristics and other factors. This creates a lot of value, while matching the expectations of all stakeholders, thereby designing seamless journeys that are proved through high NPS when it comes to our teams of leasing, sales and capture of properties.

With a strong brand, an innovative DNA and openness to new practices and processes, ambitious Bamberg is ready to envision the next 35 years in a broader business perspective.


Abyara is essentially a company that believes in the power of choices. This is reflected in its wide range of products and brands, representing the company’s competitive edge over other primary market players.

Since its inception in 1995, the company has undergone numerous transformations, ensuring continuous excellence in customer service, helping it build a solid brand in one of the most competitive economic sectors – the real estate launch market.

The company’s latest transition started 5 years ago is now complete: Abyara is not only a company offering thousands of products, but it also markets millions of units, generating billions of Reais. In addition, the digital transformation allowed the company to optimize processes, and improve cost efficiency and, particularly, customer service.

Thanks to this digital transformation, Abyara’s organizational structure managed to consolidate high performance teams across the business. This environment supports the sales force in serving clients and closing deals, as well as the back-office operations through the different stages of the purchase of a property.

With 26 years of history, Abyara has over 20 years’ experience in learning and relationship building in the real estate launch market, supported by a modern management model that envisions a future shaped by data and agility, with healthy and lasting relationships with all its stakeholders.

Brasil Brokers

We began operating in 2007, and due to our rapid growth in the years that followed, Brasil Brokers became an important brand in Brazil, especially in the market of the state of Rio de Janeiro. Based in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói, we achieved success over the years.

With impressive figures in the primary market, strong relationships with the largest real estate developers in the region, presence in the finished units segment through more than 12 stores strategically located in important neighborhoods, an efficient digital strategy, and innovative and high quality customer service, Brasil Brokers is undoubtedly the largest real estate firm benchmark in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Thanks to the kindness shown by the Rio de Janeiro consumers, we gave our real estate business platform our holding company name, thus building on the expertise gained through 14 years of success and strong partnerships established with the market’s largest real estate developers.


Desenrola was given its name based on the greatest and most frequent real estate market pain point – bureaucracy and lack of agility and transparency during the client’s real estate transaction journey, which has an impact both on consumers and property owners.

Within this context, in 2018, Brasil Brokers decided to design a proof of concept to show how the ideal real estate brokerage company would be like. It developed methodologies, processes and even a unique system so that clients could receive the support needed throughout their journeys with agility and safety, after the full approval of their real estate transactions.

This was a great success, and the brand gained momentum in the city of Goiânia, where Tropical Imóveis was based. The real estate brokerage company’s name changed to Desenrola and its expansion was inevitable. Desenrola is currently present in 4 Brazilian states, with its own operations and 1 service hub (another innovative model) in Goiânia. The company expects to launch its brand in several regions of the country in partnership with other real estate brokerage companies willing to implement technology and marketing tools so as to optimize existing processes.

Last update: September 9, 2021